FEB.28 | Rotar-Capture-the-Flag Social


Come out for an evening of Four-way Capture the Flag and get ready to use every bit of your brute strength, sharp cleverness, and perseverance as we take on each others’ families for the ultimate title of Cal Rotaract’s Four-but-now-Two-Way Capture the Flag Champions! There will be lots of running, flag-stealing, people-capturing, teammate-rescuing, covert-operating fun!

Bring athletic wear and high spirits, because the family parents are pumped up and are arguing this minute about whose family will win!

**Rules and Details listed BELOW.

HOWEVER, shall the clouds be sad and cry upon our happy spirits (i.e. if it rains), then we still be having all types of fun indoors with a boardgame party! With a bunch of different games that we have put together, you won’t be board (i.e. bored).

So come out on Saturday, Feb. 28 and join us in either a highly active and competitive capture the flag game, or our awesome set of board games. We will have some refreshments and snacks as well!

Sign up at Wejoinin.com OR RSVP to info@calrotaract.org OR RSVP to your Family Officers!

Don’t forget to check out who is in your family and get information about how your family ranks against the rest!

The Pauls

The Hirams

The Gustaves

The Silvesters

WHEN: FEB. 28, 7-9pm

WHERE: 215 Dwinelle, UC Berkeley Campus


We will meet on Memorial Glade to organize the teams and go over rules. We plan on playing multiple games so that we can change up the teams and boundaries a few times.

What to bring:
1. Running/athletic shoes
2. A white shirt
3. A ______ (insert family color) shirt that you can wear over your white shirt
4. Flashlight (optional)

Starting Boundaries:


Start: At the beginning of each game, each team must be within their flag area. All players will start with their family shirt on. When the airhorn sounds, the game will commence.

Scoring: The objective is to steal the enemy flag from their territory and bring it back to your flag stand. You can only score if your team has both flags at your stand at the same time. Number of scores required for victory can be decided on a per game basis.

Defense: Defending players must stay outside of their Flag Area while the game is in progress, and they must also stay at least ten yards outside of their jail boundaries, unless enemy players enter these boundaries. Your goal is to prevent enemy players from grabbing your flag or from freeing their teammates from jail.

Flags: When you are carrying an enemy flag, you are never safe until you score. If you are returning your own flag, you are not safe until it is returned to your flag stand. In other words, any time that you are holding a flag you can be captured and have that flag taken by the enemy, and you are also unable to capture anyone. Defending players can chase flag carriers anywhere in order to return their flag.
Flags do not automatically return to your base. You must carry the flag back to your flag stand, and you can be captured at any time, even in your own territory. This encourages situations in which both teams have each other’s flags and are forced to defend their flag carriers.

Jail: When you are captured, you must immediately take off your colored shirt (so that you are wearing your white shirt) and go to the enemy’s jail. While in jail, you must wait to be rescued. In order to be rescued, one of your free teammates must tag you and you must put your colored shirt on before you escape the puppy guard zone (the 10 yard radius of the circle around the jail).

Zones: (the zones will change every round): While you are within your team’s zone, you can tag (with both hands) enemy players to send them to your jail. When you are tagged, you must remove your colored shirt and carry it to signal that you are out.
While you are in the Hot Zone, you can both tag and be tagged, so no one is safe in this area. If both players tag each other in the Hot Zone, be honest and figure out who tagged who first. If you are unable to determine who should go to jail, both players must return to their own flag stand and sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” before returning to the game.

Going out of bounds to escape from other players or to sneak around to the enemy base is prohibited for every game unless otherwise specified. Since the field is too big to be monitored, we will be relying on the honor system.

Game Over: The game will end when a team has both flags in their flag stand and the airhorn is blown. Return to Memorial Glade for further instruction.

*NOTE* Reported dishonesty will get you banned for the remainder of the current game and the entirety of the following one. Please do not cheat!

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