April 2018 Edition College Major Edition


Spotlight Article: Interact Clubs Around the State

        Welcome to Interact Clubs Around the State, a monthly column highlighting a different Interact Club in California! Use this column to get ideas for your own Interact Club, form partnerships with Interact Clubs working on projects that your club would like to be a part of, and contact other clubs to share information.  Read More ->

Major Leagues by Austin Li

        I am currently in the second semester of my sophomore year and I still have no declared major. Let’s rewind a bit. Now, some people know what they want to accomplish in life from the get go. Some people find their passions as children and have it set in their minds that they wish to pursue that career: as a politician, a firefighter, a mechanical engineer, a chef, an actor/actress, etc. Read More ->   

“Hot n Cold”: Major Edition by Mikayla Tran 

        English. Those are the seven letters I typed into each empty, white box labeled “Major” that awaited me in every college application.  While the English major didn’t stick for long, I had a lot of fun watching people’s facial reactions when I introduced myself with that subject in mind. Read More -> 

Finding the Right Lenses by Priya Natarajan

        When I was applying to colleges as a high school senior, I applied with a different major to every university I hoped to attend in the future. At that time I was rather indecisive and did not exactly have THE one “purpose” or “passion” that many high schoolers surrounding me had for their lives.  Read More -> 

Major Decision Making by Fallon Funseth

        “Alright guys. We’re going to go around in a big circle and say our names, where we’re from, and our majors”. It’s a cloudy gray morning and thousands of freshman and transfer students are each sitting in mini circles containing fifteen to thirty people. One by one, each person announces their name, a town most of us have never heard of, and a major that almost always sounds cooler than our own. Read More -> 

What’s in a Name? by Justin Lee

        Choosing a major is almost like choosing a name for a child. You feel the pressure of having to get it right the first go around. It may keep you up thinking at night. You need to consider every angle of the name. What does the name mean? What is it associated with? What do others think about it? Read More -> 

It’s a Long Story: Why I Chose English by Cindy Lim

         Ever since I was in elementary school, I was always in search of the perfect story to read. I’ve always figured it was because books gave me a reality out of my own. It’s cliché, but whenever I read, I always found myself transported to a different universe without the need to get out of my seat.  Read More -> 

Major Decisions: Mapping my Journey to Public Health by Sandra Chang

         When I graduated high school, I was still uncertain of what I wanted to focus my studies on in college. There was so much I wanted to study that stretched over a variety of fields – computer science, cognitive science, international relations, psychology, linguistics, marine biology, creative writing – until they all just simply ran into each other and promptly melted into a blank cloud of indecisiveness. Read More -> 

For the Fun of It by Linken Lam

         It’s been a long and tumultuous road to get to where I am, major wise, and it’s not finished yet. All my life I had been interested in biology and when I was younger, I had wanted to be a paleontologist. I then went through phases of dreaming of being an architect, a chef, and then a lawyer. Eventually, I figured I’d fall back on the old standby of biology. Read More ->