February 2018 Edition Meet the Writers

Meet the writers for the InterCom Newsletter!

A short directory:
InterCom Writers

InterCom Writers

Alexa Tisopulos

Never stop being the firecracker you are.

Hello everyone! My name is Alexa Tisopulos and I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley. I am studying a combination of Public Health, Integrative Biology and Psychology, so don’t let anyone tell you that you have to have your life figured out by college. I am involved with a lot on campus including Cal Rotaract (go Interact Committee!), a student teacher in General Biology at Cal, a Campus Ambassador (tour guide), and a UC Cannoneer with the UC Rally Committee. As a Cannoneer, I wire and fire the California Victory Cannon, which fires at all Cal football games, I am in charge of the fire for the Big Game Bonfire Rally, and I have hand-fired fireworks at the Fourth of July—I love being a pyrotechnic! My service passions include women’s reproductive health and availability to better physical education and sports for youth. Finally, my family and friends mean the world to me, I am very proud of my Greek heritage, and I would LOVE to get to know you! Please contact me so we can get to know each other!  


Austin Li 

A simple person who likes to ramble.

Hello! My name is Austin Li and I am currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Before this sounds any more like my cover letter, I reckon I should properly introduce myself. I was originally born in New Jersey but I reckon I am slowly getting used to the west coast. In the transition, I have furthered my pursuit of photography and videography and set about on my exploration of the local flora, fauna, and food. While I would categorize myself as an introvert, I assure you that I am a chill and outgoing person. In addition to photography/videography, music, writing, traveling, tennis, karate and marching band have all been a part of my life, so if you have any interest in those areas, feel free to inquire for more specifics. And I shall cut myself off here before I return to the sense of a cover letter :P Cheers!

Cindy Lim

Your favorite boba-drinking, Netflix-binging, Corgi-loving, poetry-writing, perpetually sleep-deprived ambivert.

Hi friends! My name is Cindy, and I am a third-year English major with a minor in Creative Writing. So, yes, that means I read a lot of books and write a lot. But I love what I am doing, and I’m hoping to write my own books someday! I’m from Garden Grove, CA, a small city in SoCal that appears on the weather map if you zoom in allllll the way (yes it is small, but hey, perks of being a 15 minute drive from Disneyland, I guess?). I used to be in Interact in high school, and I’ve been part of Rotaract for about three years (and loving every minute of it)! I’m an “ambivert,” so that means that I’m always stuck deciding whether to go outside or binge-watch twenty more episodes of whatever show I’m watching. I’m a big fan of Stranger Things, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, and Parks and Recreation. And memes. Also Pusheen. My friends give me a lot of Pusheen-related gifts. Other than that, I like to do other things like go to art museums, karaoke, volunteer and travel/explore new places! When I’m not doing these things, you can probably find me with a coffee cup procrastinating. I’m kinda bad at small talk (apologies in advance), but I really love talking to people and hearing their stories! I believe everyone has a story to share, so feel free to tell me your stories! Or hit me up if you wanna talk about anything at all! I’d love to hear from you! :)

Fallon Funseth

Need advice? Fallon to my arms.

Hey All! I’m Fallon, I’m a freshman, and I’m a Bay Area native! (Shoutout to Area 1, D5170!!) I’m a first-gem student that’s currently undeclared, but have an interest in studying Public Health or Sociology. In my free time I like to write, do yoga, and talk up a storm. I love dogs, trying new boba places, reading great books, eating hot cheetos, and exploring Sephora. I procrastinate by online window shopping.


   Justin Lee

A self-proclaimed Imagineer who’s still waiting for Superman to save the day.

Professional dog spotter. Excessive boba consumer. Obsessive meme tagger. Everything about me in about three sentences. But for my superfans out there, here’s a little more about myself: I’m a  second year, intended public health major born and raised in the Bay Area, in a suburb about 40 minutes from Berkeley. The bay area is the best area, amirite? I enjoy a good laugh and humor, in general. I’ve been told my others that I joke and laugh way too much, so I guess that’s my biggest flaw. I really hope it’s true that people who smile and laugh daily live longer. I have a huge sweet tooth, meaning I’ll eat anything with sugar in it, especially cheesecake! You can also find me religiously watching and venting about superhero fiction TV series, reality TV competition game show, and Disney! I’m super excited to get to bestow my wisdom with y’all!

Linken Lam

I just tell myself “I got this” and then more often than not, I actually do.

I’m a junior and one of the co-chairs of the Interact Committee at Cal Rotaract. I’m majoring in Psychology and am intending to double major in Integrative Biology and minor in Asian-American studies as well. In high school, I was a part of Interact (Area 3, District 5170) but wasn’t involved in a leadership role. Upon joining Cal Rotaract though, I’ve been trying to take on more responsibilities. I’ve been involved with Cal Rotaract for six semesters now but this will be my first semester as an officer. Outside of Rotaract, I’ve been involved with eSports at Berkeley, so talk to me about gaming! In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, watching Netflix/Hulu, and reading fantasy/sci-fi novels. Mostly though, you will find me taking a nap, browsing the meme page, or desperately trying to catch up on my readings.

Mikayla Tran

My idea of wild is drinking one too many cups of tea on a Friday night.

Hello! My name is Mikayla, and I’m a freshman majoring in Society & the Environment under the College of Natural Resources. (Yes- it’s a real major!) An environmentalist to my core, you can catch me around campus sporting my vegan Birkenstocks and cuddling up with a book under the nearest tree. (I also spend a fair amount of time on Netflix and Youtube, but I don’t want to disclose too much information that’ll get me submitted to TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.”) Interact was a huge part of my high school career, and I’m incredibly grateful to be able to continue growing my Rotary roots through Rotaract at Berkeley. Through InterCom, I hope to write pieces that entertain and resonate with all of you!

Priya Natarajan

A Rotaract-loving, eskimo-dressing, native Californian photographer with a bad case of senioritis.

My name is Priya, like a Toyota Prius and I am a senior at UC Berkeley! I am from Fremont, CA and Area 4 from District 5170. I have been in Cal Rotaract since day 1 of my undergraduate career (8th semester now!!!). “Rotaract is love, Rotaract is life” has been my motto for the past 4 years given the incredible social impact this club has had and due to how many beautiful souls I have met through this amazing club. Rotaract also provided me with the opportunity to pursue my love for photography as Historian (check out my new instagram @priyalands). Additionally, I love short walks with friends (because I don’t have the stamina for long walks), adoring other people’s photography on Instagram, spending time with my family, binge-watching shows on Netflix, dancing it out to Bollywood music, and when I get a chance sleeping for 12+ hours. Ohhh and I forgot my most important identification, I ALWAYS wear a blue fluffy jacket like the one in my picture even in 80 degree weather because I am always trying to shield my body from the effects of global warming. I also love (e-)meeting new people because that means hearing exciting crazy stories and exchanging life experiences. Hmu if you want to talk about the magic of Rotaract, need a new LinkedIn head shot, or need an excuse to procrastinate on your homework!

Sandra Chang

Sleepy person surviving on tea and memes.

Hi all, hope you’re doing well at the time you are reading this! I’m Sandra, a third-year Public Health major, and planning to minor in Asian American Studies. I hail from a town in southern California called Diamond Bar, and joined Cal Rotaract during my second semester at UC Berkeley. The people I met there and the experiences I learned through community service really made it a second home for me at college. I love talking about different concepts that form our understanding of the world, and stories told through different mediums, so feel free to reach out to me to talk about these things! I used to practice martial arts, and I love watching dance choreography videos (even though I can’t dance for my life). Some more things I do in my free time: watch game playthroughs and nature documentaries, travel, learn new languages, read, listen to music. Please do send some puns, fun memes, inspirational stories, cute fluffy things, music, etc my way if you want to share them!