March 2018 Edition

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Branching Out, Digging In,  By Mikayla Tran

I go to Berkeley. I wear vegan Birkenstocks. I’m majoring in an environmental field. So, of course, I like trees.  Tall, mighty, stable… all of these adjectives come to mind when I think of the leafy giants– all of which, start with a simple trunk. Just as a trunk forms the foundation of a tree, Interact formed the foundation of my high school experience.  Read More ->

408 Miles: A Personal Essay About Moving Away for CollegeBy Cindy Lim

When I came back home to SoCal for winter break during my freshman year, I was invited to speak in front of my high school’s only AP Literature class about college and what can come from it. When I was standing there, nervous because I had only spent a semester at college and these people were looking at me like I was already a college counselor, I got a question from one student asking me, “How is it like to live far away from home?” Read More ->

What will you do this International Women’s Day?, By Priya Natarajan

Cal Rotaract has had a female President since 2016. Berkeley Rotary also has a female President this year (Tina Etcheverry). But, did you know that women were not allowed to join Rotary until 1987 after the US Supreme Court voted that Rotary clubs could not discriminate against members because of their gender? Read More -> 

A Love Note to Nutrition, By Sandra Chang

Dear Nutrition,

Sometimes it’s a little hard to talk to you, and honestly, sometimes I feel like we’re drifting apart. I realize that I’ve made Stress a huge part of my life, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care for you anymore! It’s just…a bit all-consuming. Read More -> 

Getting Around To It, By Austin Li

Back in high school, whenever I brought up the issue of procrastination, my friend would always quip, “Procrastinators unite. Tomorrow.” It’s safe to say we never met up. But in all seriousness, even as a person who likes to pride myself on time management, I still find myself drawn to the temptation of another YouTube video,…. Read More ->