Fall 2016 Newsletter #4


Hello from Cal Rotaract!

Shout out to all of our members who volunteered at our Skyline Gardens Restoration service event and those who came out for Family Bonding Night! If you were not able to make it to our past events, do not worry! Come out to our 4th General Meeting this upcoming Tuesday in 170 Barrows from 7-8pm where we will be discussing our upcoming events, including Rotary Committee’s biggest event of the semester: Ignitus and our EPN 5K fundraiser. Hope to see you there!

Table of Contents

  • Announcements
    1. Surveys
  • Upcoming Events
    1. Interact Committee Meetings #6 and #7
    2. General Meeting #4: Inspire the Uninspired
    3. Ignitus
    4. LoCo: Berkeley Project
    5. Rotary Committee Meeting #4
    6. International Committee Meeting #4
    7. Local Committee Meeting #4
    8. Family Competition: Rotaract Olympics
    9. International Committee: VIDA Warehouse

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Surveys We are constantly trying to improve our organization so that we can provide the best for our members! In order for us to improve our events and meetings for the future we need your feedback on our past events. Surveys for each event are posted on the event Facebook page during the event so that members can fill out the surveys immediately after an event ends. Each survey you fill out is worth 30 membership points, and this semester we are enacting a new system in which the first 10 members to fill out our 10 surveys will receive a $10 Amazon gift card! The link to all our surveys can be found here


10/17, 10/24: interact Committee Meetings #6 and #7
105 Dwinelle | 6-7pm
Interact Committee’s main goal is to bridge the gap between the collegiate version of Rotary, Rotaract, with its high school branch, Interact. Our committee’s main focus for the semester is the Cal Berkeley Rotaract Stayover (CBRS), in which we strive to empower youth to create a brighter and better tomorrow

10/18: Fourth General Meeting: Inspire the Uninspired
170 Barrows | 7-8pm | FB Event

Cal Rotaract welcomes you to our 4th General Meeting dedicated to our organization’s third pillar: Leadership! Join us as we recap our events, discuss our EPN 5K and Interact Stayover, introduce upcoming service events and Ignitus, reveal our upcoming 1st Family Competition, and have a wonderful Avengers-themed photobooth!

10/21: Ignitus
ASUC Senate Chamber | 7-9pm | FB Event

Ignitus is a Ted-Talk inspired event where speakers talk about the intersection between their professional lives and community service. This event is about showcasing service as a lifestyle, hopefully inspiring students to follow Rotary’s slogan of “Service Above Self.” We are honored to have 4 amazing speakers joining us this semester, including Brian Wo (Bay Area Anti-Trafficking), Andy Nolan (Habitat for Humanity), Peter Esmonde (Prisoners Literature Project), and Merlyn Pittman (Chest of Hope). We welcome everyone to this event, so invite your friends and family! Refreshments and food will be provided. Hope to see you there!

10/22: LoCo: Berkeley Project
Sproul Plaza | 8am-2pm |

FB Event

Berkeley Project is a Berkeley-wide, service event that occurs every semester! With over 1500 volunteers spread out all over the City of Berkeley last semester doing all types of service, a huge impact was felt! This semester will be nothing less, perhaps even more impactful! Berkeley Project will be held on Saturday, October 22nd, from8AM to around 2PM in a site that will be determined in the City of Berkeley.

10/24: Rotary Committee Meeting #4
79 Dwinelle | 7-8pm
The Rotary Committee serves to connect Cal Rotaract with Rotary International. Through our Rotary Mixers, Ignitus (a Ted-Talk inspired event), as well as our Mentorship Program, we hope to inspire members to continue service at the professional level. Join Rotary Committee to get more involved in planning Ignitus and participating in our Mentorship Program!

10/26: International Committee Meeting #4
75 Evans | 7-8pm
International Committee is a group of students passionate about international service. Through activities, fundraisers, and educational discussions, we strive to make Cal Rotaract and the Cal campus more aware of international and humanitarian crises. Join International Committee if you’re interested in planning and leading our international service projects!

10/27: Local Committee Meeting #4
205 Dwinelle | 7-8pm
Local Committee is one of the four committees in Cal Rotaract devoted to reinforcing Rotary International’s theme of “service above self.” We are committed to this theme by providing service at a local level specifically in the East bay/ Berkeley Area. Help us make an impact in our local community by joining our Local Committee!

10/28: Family Competition: Rotaract Olympics
136 Barrows | 7-9pm
We will be having our first family competition, Rotaract Olympics, on Friday (10/28) from 7-9pm in 136 Barrows! Have you ever dreamed of being on a medal podium with a gold medal hanging around your neck? Well this is your chance! The three Rotaract families will be competing against each other throughout the night to see which family comes out on top. Be sure to dress in your family color and show your family pride by cheering on your family members! The Facebook page for this event will be released on Tuesday, October 18th

10/29: International Committee: VIDA Warehouse
VIDA Warehouse | 10am -12pm
Come join Cal Rotaract as we visit the VIDA Warehouse in Emeryville and assist in packaging and sorting vital medical supplies for people in need across Latin America. We will meet at the Sproul bus stop at 9:15 and then take the 51B bus to Emeryville. More information can be found on the Facebook event page which will be posted soon.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us online. You can also find us in person at our table on Sproul, MondayThursday from 10AM-2PM.

Yours in service,
Cal Rotaract Board of Officers
info@calrotaract.org | http://calrotaract.org

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