Officer 101

As this semester comes to a close, a new Rotaract chapter will open. The time is finally here: Cal Rotaract Board Applications will be released after the last GM and will be due November 25th by 11:59PM!

You have probably begun to familiarize yourself with the current officers at general meetings, committee meetings, service events, family events, and socials, but do you know exactly what each position entails? If not, all will be okay! Here, all your questions will be answered regarding officer duties, experiences, and many more. The 2016 Rotaract Officer Board will be hosting this Officer 101 Panel for members that are interested in facilitating a year full of new friends, fun-filled memories, and a commitment to prioritizing sustainable service. We hope you will leave with more insight on the position(s) you are specifically interested in and take that next step in your Rotaract journey… becoming an officer!

The panel will consist of each officer’s:
– Brief explanation of each of their position and duties
– Description of a typical week
– Open audience Q&A

2017 Officer Board Positions
Internal Board
– Treasurer
– Historian
– Webmaster
– Design
External Board
– Fellowship Co-Chair
– Family
– Local Committee Co-Chair
– International Committee Co-Chair
– Interact Committee Co-Chair
– Rotary Committee Co-Chair

Click here for detailed descriptions of all officer positions:

Please feel free to refer to our Rotaract website, for more information on Rotaract in general or for any of the current officer’s contact. In addition, officers can be contacted through Facebook, email, or in person! :)

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