Rotary Committee Professional Service

What is Rotary Committee?

The Rotary Committee serves to connect Cal Rotaract with Rotary International and promote professional development amongst its members. Through our Rotary Mixers, Ignitus (a Ted-Talk inspired event) and our Mentorship Program, we hope to inspire members to continue service at the professional level. This semester, we hope that Rotary Committee continues to promote professionalism through our Rotaracter speaker series, opportunities to attend actual Rotary Club meetings and our mini professional workshops. For this semester, our professional development focus is PUBLIC SPEAKING!

What happens at committee meetings?

Rotary Committee is set up in a way in which everyone gets an opportunity to get to know their fellow members and to step up as a leader. One opportunity available is our Rotaract speaker series, where a Rotaracter gets to practice their public speaking by talking about a service passion of theirs! Another way is through our event planning subcommittees, which organize food, marketing and outreach for our big events like EPN and Ignitus! As a whole, Rotary Committee will be taking part in service events, Rotarian-inspired sessions, and socials!

Why should I join your committee?

Come to our committee to plan large scale events and to hone your marketing, organizing, and leadership skills! Our priority is teaching our members how to combine professionalism and service to go past the spectrum of just college. Through liaising with Rotary International, our committee is able to have an exclusive look at the application of service in the workplace as well as the opportunity to learn from Rotarians. In addition, Rotary Committee members have priority for the mentorship program and are able to come together with Rotarians to exemplify the slogan “Service Above Self.” If you like learning new things, being professional, social, and giving to the community, Rotary Committee is the one for you!

Rotary Mentorship Program

Are you interested in learning more about your professional field of interest from someone with experience? The Rotary Mentorship Program is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on your networking resources and connect one-to-one with a Berkeley Rotarian! This exclusive program will match you with a Rotarian based on your career path and shared interests so they can mentor you throughout the semester and provide you with information and advice regarding life in the professional field. So what are you waiting for? Applications for the mentorship program is closed for this semester, please check back next semester for the updates. Thanks!



Ignitus is a Ted-Talks inspired event where speakers talk about the intersection between their professional lives and community service. Through their presentations, students are given the opportunity to hear from people who have given back to their community through their professional and service passions. Speakers in the past have ranged from college students to professors to industry experts with fields ranging from computer science to social welfare. Every year we look for new speakers in order to adhere to a range of student interests. We want to create an event that not only inspires students to continue service in their future careers, but to also show the difference one person can make. This event is about showcasing service as a lifestyle, hopefully inspiring students to follow Rotary’s slogan “Service Above Self.”

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