Oscar Ramos | Freshman

What is your relationship to service?
My relationship with service is very much all for the people I consider myself to be a people person, so that’s why I like doing service — in regards to health care, equity, those are all things that I’m passionate about. So in high school, I was involved with Interact all 4 years, I was VP, so that really allowed me to channel my passions and interests to serve my community, not only locally but also globally, which I really enjoyed. Now that I’m here at Berkeley and being a part of Rotaract, and continuing my Rotary journey, it’s really cool.

If you could host your own service event, what would it be?
Well, since I’m intended Public Health, I would like to do something related to health care and something that increases resources for populations and communities that are underrepresented in the healthcare system. So I really want to work with young… communities that maybe don’t have the resources necessary to really enhance their education — and with their education comes… the knowledge needed to really understand that they have to seek it… I would really want to initiate a project that focuses on delivering resources to those who need them most.

How did you know you wanted to do Public Health?
I actually credit Rotary for that. I’ve always wanted to do something healthcare related, and being a part of Rotary for the past 4 years has really allowed me to serve people and learn how big of a gap there is in communities worldwide. And in seeing this through rotary throughout, I really felt that I needed to go to the next step in healthcare. In channeling my interests in healthcare and people… I felt that health care was the right avenue for me to go on.

If all of your clothes had to be one color, what would it be?
Blue! Because go bears.

What is your theme song?
I really like “Hijo De Su Madre” by Omar Apollo, just because it represents this fiery brown boy who just wants to be successful. One of the lyrics are “You’ve never seen a brown boy like this,” and I think that’s something I relate to because it’s something that’s, like Latinx communities being represented in higher education, and I take pride in being a brown boy and doing these things.

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