Adam Ng | Freshman

Why did you join Rotaract?
I mainly joined Rotaract because of my previous experience in Interact. I went to Walnut High School and from there I spent four year in Interact and I had the time of my life. I learned how to network with other members, got and performed immediate service to those in need as well as starting my own international project and I thought it was the best step up from a high school to a more collegiate level. It’s definitely a fun experience for me and I want to see whats it’s like to help others in this community and pretty much meet other new members who can help me gain a better perspective of social service on a collegiate level.

What was your favorite memory from Rotaract?
So far I have two favorite memories. The first one was my buddy. My officer buddy is Eric. We had a 1-on-1 coffee chat and I realized that we had a lot of similar interests, not just in service but also in our majors. We talked for an hour and a half, from everything we enjoy from a business standpoint and what we want to do in our future as well as Rotaract iself. It was a good learning opportunity for me and since I started Rotaract around three weeks in, around the 3rd general meeting time, he helped the transition much easier. The 2nd best memory is Ignitus, where I was able to see a different part of Rotaract that I was not able to see in Interact in high school, which is listening to people speak about environmental issues and things that they are passionate about. It is not just about starting service but listening to others who have done service in the community and having this open forum. So I love listening to others speak because it gives me another perspective on community service.

What committee are you apart of and why did you decide to join the committee?
I am currently apart of the Local and International Committee. I love the International Committee specifically because in high school, as I mentioned before, we were able to start out own international project and I feel like it gives members a greater incentive to perform service in the local community if the objective is to raise money for a larger global cause. When I was a junior, we started off that project and I feel like seeing the impact that you can have on a worldwide scale really makes things more rewarding for me. But it all first begins in the Local Committee. So I think branching between Local and International is really fun for me and also the committee chairs are definitely fun. The meetings are also really fun to just hang out, eat a bit, and just have fun.

What is your music vibe?
I like different types of music so when I study, I like to listen to orchestra music, so I use to play the violin and piano so I love that. But I also love motivational music so whether it is current pop music or rap. So I get a lot of inspiration from lyrics, not necessary the modern rap we have today but like the old rap from early 2000. Those are pretty much my music vibes. I also like EDM, that is my daily walking to class music. I have three different cultures of music that I listen to.

What is your favorite part of campus?
Since I am a business major, I think Haas is like the best in berkeley. It is like another home, it is just something I want to be apart of. I am currently taking 2 classes in that area and I am always happy whenever I step through those big pillars. So that is number one, number two of course is I love the people. The social aspect of campus is amazing. Everyone is super supportive and I feel secure with my future knowing that there are upperclassmen that are always willing to help me out and give me that encouragement and boost whether it be in my academic, extracellular and activities such as Rotaract. Just talking about daily life and personal life, all of that combined make it that much memorable for me.

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