What was your favorite memory from Rotaract?

“My favorite memory in Rotaract definitely came about sometime during semester banquet in the Fall of 2016. That was just my first semester as an intern… seeing everything coming together, seeing everyone coming back to celebrate our accomplishments for that semester. That was also the first time that there was a big event where people could see my video editing, which was nice. People came up to me afterward saying that I upped the ante with video editing which was a nice thing to hear. It is always good to feed my ego… and then becoming historian. Oh, and getting member of the semester even though I didn’t sign into anything.”

Do you have any funny stories from Rotaract that you would like to share?
“Peace Grove. Freshman year, fall semester… we were going through these big cement blocks, so we had to lift them, to level them out. [Allie: “You are distracting from my job.”] We were levelling stuff, and then we came to this one part… I was standing over the hole kind of spread-legged, and then I was lifting the cement block, but what I didn’t realize is that in that moment I actually split my pants. You hear about it in TV shows and all that stuff. You think it wouldn’t actually happen, but… So I tied my sweatshirt around my hips and then kept doing service above self.”

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever met someone who thought they had fell in love at first sight?

“I think I wrote a Facebook post about this. There’s a lot of good writing on there… Sometimes. [Insert plug for Pixelshot] Personally, I’d say it’s possible. But in our generation, it is typically confused with things such as lust or, sort of more romanticized notions of attraction. Base answer is that it is a possibility. A more nuanced answer: I’d say it’s rare. It’s a complicated answer.

“I’m more of a cynic when it comes to relationships because I see my friends and then I immediately jump to conclusions that: oh, it’s not going to work out… But there are cases where I see that it does work out. I’m trying to think of a case where it worked out.

Well, personally, I’ve never had a case of love at first sight, or I can’t guarantee that I’ve ever experienced love because I’m a person who tends to suppress my emotions. Not an emotional person as you can tell from my facial expressions. I don’t know how to answer these questions.

In 6th grade marching band, there was this one person I’ll say it as that I took an interest to. But I knew them technically back in fourth grade because they went to my Chinese school. My interests back then were more so in Pokémon and video games so I wasn’t at that maturity in which I felt the need to enter those interdependent relationships. One of the faults of our generation is that we tend to throw around love loosely, and I don’t use the word as loosely. So love for me, it is an experience that is derived with time.”
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