Cindy Lim | Senior

What was your favorite memory from Rotaract?
I think my favorite memory would be Berkeley Project because that was one of the first service projects I did with Rotaract. It was a very fun, yet very tiring experience! I think my job at the time was to get fertilizer back and forth from the garden we are to a random park next to us, and… that’s like 2 blocks away. I walked 8 miles that day with three other people… It was fun though! I’ve done Berkeley Project almost every semester since that.

What do you think makes Rotaract unique?
I think it’s the community that you meet. I can’t really pinpoint what exactly makes Rotaract so special, it’s more that I think that the kind of people you meet in the club — everyone comes from different place, and might have different views on life. Yet we’re all here to do service together, or make friends… and we ended up here together.

Why did you join Rotaract in the first place?
I was in Interact in high school, so naturally i joined Rotaract when I got to college… I stayed in Rotaract, though, because I found a community here, like really quickly I joined my first family here, went to my first service event, and I think just naturally, I made a lot of friends over a short amount of time. Now this is my seventh semester in Rotaract… I also was an officer, so that was one whole year of that. But I’m still very involved even though I’m not an officer anymore.

Which movie did you watch the most on repeat?
I’ve watched High School Musical so many times I’ve actually lost count… I have High School Musical on DVD and my mom would play it for me on the airplane or whenever we went somewhere… I have a sing-along version too. And I watch it with my best friend everytime I go home!

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