Daniel Frise | Sophomore

Why did you join Rotaract?
It goes back to summer right before senior year in high school. I was in my school leadership program, and I went to Camp Royal, a week-long leadership camp. The camp was sponsored by Rotary… when I got accepted to Cal, I went to my old middle school and talked to the adviser and she mentioned that I should join Cal Rotaract at Berkeley. So once I got to college, I looked for Rotaract and here I am now.

What was your favorite service project?
The Prisoners Literature Project. I really enjoyed that because it gives you the opportunity to read letters from prisoners that are trying to better themselves in hopes of contributing back to society once out of the prison system. I think reading and education is a super important path to achieving that.

What is your Harry Potter House?
Ravenclaw, just because they’re like the intellectual kind of hard-working house. Or Gryffindor, because I like the color red.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
I would say the engineering library, Kresge. It’s a good working spot central to where most of my classes are, it’s comfortable, not too quiet like other places where moving a chair is like an earthquake.

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