Dharaa Upadhyaya | Sophomore
How has Rotaract helped you professionally?
As an intern for International Committee… it’s really helped me hone my communication skills and get more experience talking to outside organizations and planning events. Just that external communication I’ve improved and learned a lot — what to do and not to do more. Even like email decorum-wise, I’ve learned to check myself on the little things so you sound professional, which has really helped.

What are you most excited for in Rotaract this semester?
I’m excited for just getting more involved and forming bonds with all of you guys! Giving back to the community, and getting down to the service part of why I got involved, will hopefully inspire me to find more events and get even more people into Rotaract!

What is your favorite movie/TV series?
So I used to be on Tumblr like a lot, so there used to be a couple of shows I was obsessed with… I used to watch Supernatural a lot, and other shows on CW. There’s a lot of really attractive people on there, but also they had really good shows, like the Flash and Arrow, Dr. Who. More recently, I’ve been watching World of Dance… and I finished Bones recently!

What is your music vibe?
I listen to like, everything. But in particular, I’m into alternative and indie, which is like a lot, but I really like specifically folk rock, alternative rock, alternative pop, and stuff… I really like Hozier, alt-J, AJR and Foster the People, Portugal the Man, Flume and Kygo and a bunch of other people whose concert tickets are like $20… yeah, I just really love a lot of types.
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