Dylan Supencheck | Freshman

Why did you join Rotaract?
I joined Rotaract because I was apart of Interact in high school for three years and I enjoyed it. I became pretty involved in my senior year. I was an officer for a couple of years. I really liked the community sense [where] everyone is super nice, service above self, everyone is wholesome. I was looking for that in college and Rotaract was the obvious for that since Interact is the high school Rotaract.

Which service event was your favorite so far and why?
I really liked Rebuilding Together because they put a video in their sign up and it was really nice because they interviewed a bunch of people they actually build homes for. It was actually really nice to see the impact that we were having and also they were pretty nice people and it was fun too to clean out their warehouse. I like organizing things so it was satisfying to see what we went into, which was like a mess, then what we left with, a semi-organized warehouse.

If you could host your own service event, what would it be?
If I could choose a service event, I would choose a park event because it is nice to make an impact and go back to the park and see the impact that you have done. I have done a tree planting event, and it is nice to go back to see your trees still alive and growing. You have a physical impact on your community.

If you could snap your fingers and appear somewhere, where would it be?
I can’t snap my fingers. If I could snap my fingers, I would go… to the North Pole. As long as I don’t die. If I had a big jacket, it would be North Pole. or South Pole. One of the poles. Preferred the North Pole because I can meet Santa.

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