What do you think makes Rotaract unique?
I think everyone is driven towards the same goal of community service. A lot of clubs have some community service but this club serves someone at every event and there’s a lot of variety in the types of projects.
What committee(s) are you a part of, and why did you decide to join it?
Local Committee because I wanted to help the community around me more. It’s fun because I get to go to parts of Berkeley that I’ve never been to. I really liked the campus tours because I got to talk to a middle schooler and she was really interested and already thinking about college a lot. I really enjoyed being able to help answer her questions.
What is your music vibe?
I usually listen to other people’s playlists. I like the Lumineers and I would probably go see them in concert. I like upbeat but not majorly upbeat music, generally happy music. My current favorite song is Catch and Release by Matt Simons.
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