Ragini Ghosh | Senior

What was your first impression of Rotaract and how has it changed since then?
My first impression of Rotaract was that this is a club that is very into service and does a lot of events at the same time. It can seem kind of overwhelming especially at the first meeting, where they talk about 4 committees, and each committee having like 5 different events for the semester. And you’re kind of worried about what you want to do… But I think after my first semester, I realized you can do whatever you want and how much you want in Rotaract and you’re not judged for it. It’s a space where you can find your own community and how much you want to be involved in service in your own time. For me, eventually it ended up pulling me in completely… it eventually becomes a tight knit community and you find your group. I think that’s what happened to me, I’ve definitely found some of my closest friends in this club.

If you were to host your own service event, what would it be?
I have hosted service events before, since I was the IC co-chair for 2017. But looking back on it, I would have changed some of them. Like, one of our events was sending books to Africa, and Tracy and I fundraised for the shipping supplies and had a donation drive to send books to Africa, and that was a great event, but i think i would have liked to do more of what IC is doing now — like spreading awareness about volunteerism and the environment. I think that’s more powerful: when you educate people about service instead of just directing them to do service. I would’ve wanted to do more awareness-based events.

Do you have any funny stories from Rotaract events?
I have lots of funny stories! I think, one of my most memorable events, it was Berkeley Project in spring 2016. We ended up going toward the Marina or near the Berkeley aquatic park. it was rainy and windy, and our job was to take out all the weeds in the park — basically just hardcore manual labor so even if we were wearing a raincoat it wouldn’t have helped because it was rainy and windy. So your raincoat would fly off and it was raining the entire time and you were cold… but it was fun. 3 hours of service, and a lot of us felt sick afterwards, but it was amazing because if someone was too tired to pull out a plant, somebody else would swoop in and be like, “you can do it! I’ll help you!” Our lunch came late that day too, so it was funny, but it was a very memorable experience.

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
There’d be so many places I want to go, but… I would probably like to visit Japan. Cause I’ve been there once and I really liked it, and i’d really like to go back there again.

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