If you could host your own service event, what would it be?
I would build a playground. I did that once with the Rotary in my town and it was a lot of fun. I’ve done a lot of service events to clean up, but I think playgrounds add a lot to the people you’re trying to help. Kids will be using it for years to come, and I had a hand in making that. And they’re fun, ya know. Mostly just bring the most joy to whoever you’re trying to help.
What is the most interesting niche Facebook group you are in?
Nothing super impressive, but there’s a community news facebook where they talk smack and they always post warrant Wednesdays for who ever got arrested in our time and one time the person who they were on the lookout for commented on the post and a cop replied to it. Other than that, I used to be in a goat Facebook page, but not for goats, for people who have goats.
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