What committee are you a part of, and why did you decide to join it?
“Predominantly, I have been in International Committee. A reason is that it doesn’t require me to devote a gigantic space of my time. But also a lot of the stuff that IC has done is impactful. Even though I enjoy being able to see the impact that is done directly, like Local Committee does, knowing that people outside of our country might need more help than people here. Knowing that, and being able to help them, either through fundraising or sending stuff over, always makes me happy that I can actually help people that I don’t necessarily see. One project that was interesting was when we helped fundraise to support different girls in poor regions last semester. We sent money and different gifts over, and I thought that was interesting — that we were able to help them a little bit here and there, and do some good.”
What is your favorite meme?
“Something that has grown on me just because it’s kind of funny is that red background with the “B.” It’s so random, but surprisingly hilarious when it comes up and doesn’t make sense. That, and the “sad reacts only” comment. I’ve kind of taken that to heart more than I should have.
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