Local Committee’s biggest project with SquashDrive is here!! Just in case you don’t read the entire description.. SIGN UP HERE IF YOU’RE GOING: https://docs.google.com/a/calrotaract.org/forms/d/1bXOqf4h5sfNehgTH53RUPiknqoZLrEWgkcw-04YwHKc/viewform (We need to know how many people are coming so we can arrange rides and how much food to buy beforehand!) Who are we working with? […]

Getting LoCo with SquashDrive

Banquet Spring 2016
Hello Rotaractors! You are all cordially invited to our Spring 2016 Banquet at Anna Head Alumnae Hall, next to Maximino Martinez Commons. Come relive memories of this wonderful semester and end Spring 2016 with a bang! Tickets can be purchased at the Rotaract table on Sproul Plaza from 10am-2pm Monday […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane – 2016 Spring Banquet