Projects & Berkeley Rotary

Rotary Projects

Berkeley Rotary projects include the construction and maintenance of the Rotary Peace Grove at Tilden National Park, the Berkeley High School District Dictionary Project, construction of the local YMCA, rebuilding the Berkeley Marina’s Shorebird Park, and renovating the Berkeley Public Library. Berkeley Rotary also contributes thousands of dollars each year to several undergraduate scholarships for high school students in the Berkeley area.

One of Berkeley Rotary’s larger international projects has been the construction and development of a library and educational facility in Mexico. Details can be viewed here:


Ignitus is a Ted-Talks inspired event where speakers talk about the intersection between their professional lives and community service. Through their presentations, students are given the opportunity to hear from people who have given back to their community through their professional and service passions. Speakers in the past have ranged from college students to professors to industry experts with fields ranging from computer science to social welfare. Every year we look for new speakers in order to adhere to a range of student interests. We want to create an event that not only inspires students to continue service in their future careers, but to also show the difference one person can make. This event is about showcasing service as a lifestyle, hopefully inspiring students to follow Rotary’s slogan “Service Above Self.”

Berkeley Rotary and Cal Rotaract

Cal Rotaract prides itself in its strong ties with Berkeley Rotary. Being sponsored by Berkeley Rotary, Cal Rotaract is one of the largest Rotaract clubs in the world. Cal Rotaract often collaborates with Berkeley Rotary in putting on some of their largest projects each year, working together as two generations of humanitarian workers and volunteers within Rotary International. Rotarians act not only as individual guides and mentors to service and personal development, but many also attend Rotaract’s General Meetings, service projects, and the end-of-the-semester banquet. Rotarians are often spotlighted as guest speakers for Rotaract’s General Meetings and participate in the Rotary Mentorship Program facilitated by our Rotaract and Rotary liaisons.

Berkeley Rotarians meet every week on Wednesdays at 12:30-1:30 PM at Hs. Lordships Restaurant by the Berkeley Marina. If you are interested in attending a Berkeley Rotary meeting, please reach out to a current Rotaract officer who can put you on the list and cover the lunch fee.

Want to learn more about Berkeley Rotary and their upcoming events? Check out their website!