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What is International Committee?

Cal Rotaract’s International Committee is a group of students who are passionate about international service and worldwide issues. Through activities, fundraisers, workshops and educational discussions, we strive to make Cal Rotaract and the Cal campus more aware of international and humanitarian crises and do what we can to promote global welfare. Our meetings, service projects, fundraisers, and discussions will revolve around these goals in an effort to enable our members to be able to contribute in building a sustainable development in not only our communities but also the world. 

What happens during committee meetings?

At our (super fun!) meetings, we will learn about various ways of assisting in and contributing to humanitarian causes and international development projects. Our members will participate in service events and fundraising campaigns to actively make a difference in the global community. As a part of our main semester project this year, we will also be knitting to provide warm clothing for refugees in Turkey.

Why should you join International Committee?

Not only will your work impact millions of people around the world, you will also have the opportunity to engage in group discussions on global issues and play an active role in organizing events. You will definitely learn and be informed about crises worldwide, and meet amazing people who are just as passionate about sustainable international community service. Come and join us for an awesome semester!


Service Partners

This semester, our theme is Collaboration and Compassion (In understanding the Human Trafficking and Refugee crises). As such, we have partnered up with various nonprofits and organisations worldwide.

Learn more about our service partners: VIDA Warehouse, Berkeley Nature Center, imKIRAN, Berkeley’s Anti-Human-Trafficking CoalitionOnesky for all children, and the 1951 Coffee Company:

VIDA Warehouse

Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance (VIDA) provides medical assistance and relief to countries in Latin America by shipping medicines, medical supplies and equipment donated by hospitals, clinics and individuals. VIDA helps underprivileged communities in over 12 countries in Latin America through the provision of aid to the medical infrastructure. This semester we will be volunteering at their warehouse to sort and package medical supplies that will be shipped to countries in need of medical relief. Learn more…

Berkeley Nature Center

The City of Berkeley’s Shorebird Park Nature Center, located at Berkeley Marina, has been at the forefront of climate action and environmental sustainability efforts over many decades in this city. From classes on marine biology and conservation to environmental education programs, the Nature Center is committed to making Berkeley and its residents more aware of their responsibility towards the earth in interactive and engaging ways. This semester we will be volunteering at the 33rd annual International Shoreline Cleanup organized by the Nature Center where we will pick up trash that pollutes the beach and its waters. Learn more…


Kiran the Nomad is a humanitarian photographer who travels around Asia, photographing and initiating humanitarian projects and documenting lives of those I cross paths with, while sharing his adventures and rallying more people to his cause for worldwide aid. Many around the world are following his work today, and see him as a documentary photographer. He urges the public to not only share those stories and the lives of those he’s photographed, and his work has been published in Europe, US and Asia. Being a speaker for TEDx in Malaysia and the face of AXN Asia campaign (Asia’s largest cable TV network), he’s received great support from various organisations including Nokero USA, a social campaign with Digi Malaysia (one of the largest mobile networks in Malaysia), and many others on his worthy cause. This semester, we will be collaborating with Kiran in order to raise funds to build a sustainable homestay for some victims of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal that caused widespread destruction of infrastructure. Learn more…

Berkeley’s Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition (BATC)

The Anti-Trafficking Coalition at Berkeley is a community of interdisciplinary students committed to fighting human trafficking and worldwide injustice. As a student organization, the BATC support and reach out to organizations that are helping the cause. Together, we aim to raise awareness and educate the public about sex slavery, forced labor, child soldiering, and other types of human trafficking both internationally and domestically. The BATC aim to empower others to take action to fight modern-day slavery by reaching out to people from all walks of life and providing an avenue for action. This semester, we will be working with the BATC to raise awareness about the Human Trafficking crisis and learn to spot signs of human trafficking, and the steps to overcome it. Learn more… 

1951 Coffee Company

1951 Coffee is a non-profit specialty coffee organization seeking to promote the well-being of the refugee community in the San Francisco Bay Area by providing job training and employment to refugees and asylees while educating the surrounding community about refugee life and issues.In 1951 the United Nations first defined and set forth guidelines for the protection of refugees. These protections were further expanded in the 1967 Protocols giving the UNHCR a global mandate.1951 Coffee Company was founded in 2015 in the spirit of these conventions to give refugees being resettled in the San Francisco Bay Area assistance in starting their new lives through training and employment in the rapidly expanding coffee industry. This semester, we will be inviting a speaker and representative from 1951, besides having a visit to the 1951 Café to learn more about the lives of refugees, from the perspective of a refugee. Learn more…

Onesky for Children

OneSky aims to unlock the vast potential hidden in our world’s most vulnerable young children. We create and implement simple, replicable early learning programs that provide nurturing responsive care, transforming the lives of thousands of at-risk children every day, and ensuring that those most in need have a second chance at childhood. This semester, we will be collaborating with Onesky on their Chinese New Year project, in which we will teach children to make paper lanterns while promoting Onesky and the services they provide. Learn more…


Learn about our semester projects: International Shoreline Clean-up, VIDA Warehouse, A Home for Ashima, Berkeley’s Anti Human Trafficking Coalition workshop, Onesky for Children Chinese New Year project, 1951 Coffee Company interaction and visit.

More information on service projects will be coming soon!
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