Why Join Rotaract?

Why Join Rotaract?

  • Service: Cal Rotaract offers interesting and exciting projects that make a difference to benefit our local, national, and international communities! Our service projects are designed to improve the quality of life at home and abroad and we strive to address some of the world’s most critical issues, such as childhood malnutrition, hunger, access to clean water, the environment, and illiteracy.
  • Fellowship: Through Cal Rotaract’s unique family system, you have the opportunity to join one of seven families of Rotaracters. Guided by Rotaract officers, families enjoy bonding time through service, social outings, and interfamily sporting and game competitions!
  • Leadership: Through our Local and International committees, members gain leadership experience through planning for and leading Cal Rotaract service projects. Our committees offer members the ability to take their service involvement to the next level and lead the change they want to see in Berkeley, or in the world!
  • Rotary: Cal Rotaract’s close ties to Berkeley Rotary allow Cal Rotaract members the unique opportunity to network with humanitarian professionals in the Berkeley area. Through our exclusive Rotarian Mentorship Program, members also have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor from Berkeley Rotary. In addition, members have access to awards and scholarships through Berkeley Rotary and Rotary International.

Rewards & Benefits

As a member of Rotaract, you are appreciated not only by those who you help in service, but by your own Cal Rotaract club as well! By participating in service projects and other club events you earn reward points which we use to give recognition to highly active members. These awards include (but are not limited to) certificates of recognition and free stuff!

For more information: email humanrelations@calrotaract.org


Even though everyone knows how satisfying service can be, its not the same by yourself! Cal Rotaract has been working hard to give you guys some real fun and helping you make new friends at Cal, different colleges, and other parts of the world. These include socials and retreats!

For more information regarding our fellowship program: email fellowship@calrotaract.org

Professional Development

Rotaract is not all about humanitarian service and serving others, but to support students like you to advance your academic and professional careers. You should keep an eye out for Rotary-Rotaract mixers in which you get to talk to professionals first-hand in various types of fields including: medical, business, engineering, law, architecture, english and more! We also periodically host dinner with Rotarians so you would get free food and advice with the professional.

For more information: email rotary@calrotaract.org


Homesick? We give our condolences to you and hope you feel more at home here with our Cal Rotaract Families. We are putting members into one of five families so that you guys can get special attention from your family officer heads and meet a bunch more new people easily. There’s no need to save the world by yourself; go to service projects with your new (and old) friends and save it all the more faster while having even more fun!

For more information: email family@calrotaract.org