Surveys for Members

We are always looking to improve your experience with us at Cal Rotaract, and would love to hear your feedback on all of our events and activities. Please feel free to take the time to complete our surveys to let us know where we can improve.

1/19/18 WW Service Event: Prisoner's Literature Project
1/23/18 First General Meeting
1/26/18 "Get to Know the Club!"
1/27/18 Courageous Conversations
1/28/18 Rotary Mixer
2/3/18 IC: VIDA Warehouse
2/6/18 Second General Meeting
2/10/18 LoCo: Guided Campus Tours
2/9/18 Fire Trails Social
2/10/18 LoCo x SquashDrive : Take to the Hills
2/16/18 Big/Little Bear Mixer!
2/17/18 IC: Shoreline Clean-Up
2/18/18 LoCo: Prisoner's Literature Project
2/20/18 Third General Meeting
2/23/18 Family Feud Competition
2/24/18 LoCo: Project Peace: Day of Service
3/6/18 Fourth General Meeting
3/8/18 LoCo: Guided Campus Tours
3/9/18 LoCo: Guided Campus Tours
3/10/18 LoCo: The Berkeley Project
3/16/18 Rotary: Ignitus
3/17/18 Internal Board Showcase
3/18/18 Inter-Rotar-act Collaborative Day of Service
3/19/18 5th General Meeting
4/7/18 RotaCare Benefit Show
4/7/18 RotaCare Benefit Show (Performers)
4/10/18 6th General Meeting
4/13/18 Fellowship Social: Bulb or Bowl?
4/14-4/15/18 CBRS (Interactors)
4/14-4/15/18 CBRS Volunteer
4/20/18 Prisoner's Literature Project #3
4/28/18 LoCo: Squashdrive STEAM Workshop
5/2/18 Spring Banquet 2018