Parent Officers

  • Manucher Buicki
  • Ivy Pham
  • Raj Aurora


  • Stanley Ho
  • Samuel Pajuleras
  • Jessica Luo
  • Mathew Madain
  • Christina Kaser
  • James Queen
  • Sivly
  • YongJun Kim
  • Christine Nguyen
  • Vedaja Surapaneni
  • Andrew Pejman
  • Jenny Yang
  • Claire Li
  • Michelle Sou

About us:

HOW YA DOIIIIINNNNNN’? We are the lovely Gustaves parents!! This semester, we hope to make your experience at Cal Rotaract unforgettable so that you can meet your soon-to-be Best Man or Maid of Honor. Join our fam bc we’ll be your home away from home. We are here for you to pack your lunches in brown paper bags. We are the cool parents who will treat you right so that you can treat yo’self! We will melt the stresses of Cal away and replace those feelings with warm fuzzies!! We consist of the beautiful Ivy, the magnificent Raj, and the devilishly handsome Manucher. Want to know more about us? Too bad; you gotta join us for that, BABBBBAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!