Parent Officers

  • Margaux Payton
  • Virginia Lin
  • Mohith Subbarao


  • Chelsea Clouser
  • George Montenegro
  • Alyson Kishi
  • Chris Yee
  • Hugo Thommasson
  • Priya Sundari
  • Saina Ghadiany
  • Chandrabh Akireddy
  • Jenny Zong
  • Kristie Sham
  • Tim Fan
  • Tapan Jasthi
  • Elliot Witter
  • Venkatesh Balaji
  • Michelle Huang

About us:

Hirams love friendship, food, and fun times <3

Margaux’s unique talent is that she can raise farm animals. She has a favorite/scariest childhood memory of sticking her hand in another man’s pocket and getting really freaked out. Her dream job is to be Bono. Goal for the family: to have a family where everyone squads up to dinner and service events and socials and everyone laughs at her jokes and stays BFF.

Virginia’s mind is always on food, and her favorite food is potatoes. It’s very uncommon for someone to say that, but if you think about it, potatoes are good in EVERY form. She also loves hanging out with friends, so she hopes that the Hirams will be fam who eat and chill and drink boba together (because that’s what fam do).

Mohith is supper passionate about music so always down to jam to spotify and talk/listen about new music. He loves to sing Mariah Carey songs (badly), dance to Drake jams (badly), or rap along to Kendrick (decently well actually). He also loves hanging out with people, old friends and new, so he’s always down for an adventure whether it be food, hiking, going to SF, going to the movies, or even studying! Let’s make Hirams the closest ever 🙂