Parent Officers

  • Jamie Lee
  • Alice Zhang
  • Chi-Lan Tran


  • Jenny Zhu
  • Timothy Tran
  • Sneha Mehta
  • Joshua Weinstein
  • Veronica Hall
  • Lawrence Vo
  • Brilliant Hua
  • Reena Xue
  • Kevin Pham
  • Flint Batterton
  • YeonJun Kim
  • Kayla Nodohara
  • Pranay Lolabattu
  • Adam Ghobrial
  • Adrianna Garcia

About us:

Oh hey you’ve stumbled upon the Silvesters stunners! We’re pretty much the coolest Rotary family in town. We love a blend of crazy adventures and chill movie nights and we hope you do too because great minds think alike. We’re so excited for a semester full of spoiling our kiddos with yummy food, spontaneous fun, and precious family time and we hope you’ll be a part of it!