John Pardee



Business and Real Estate Attorney | [email protected]


What are your service passions and how has Rotary helped you achieve your service goals?

“Helping my local community and the international community – Rotary provides avenues to help on all levels.”


What current service projects are you involved in?

“Supportive housing in Berkeley and mentoring college students.”


What made you decide to become a Rotarian?

“My desires to feel useful, helpful and productive, and to enhance my connections with people in Berkeley.”


How have you brought service into your personal and professional world?

“In addition to Rotary, I serve on the Advisory Board of the Berkeley College of Natural Resource, the land acquisition committee of the Pacific Crest Trail Association, and the steering committee for Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island (Boy Scouts).”


Any funny or interesting Rotary stories to share?

“When we were traveling in Germany last year, I had to give telephone directions to the German Consul in San Francisco to make sure that he could find the Rotary Peace Grove Ceremony that was taking place in Tilden Park – sort of an amusing situation.”


Describe your professional background.

“Business and real estate attorney with experience in private practice, local government and nonprofit work. Practice included commercial real estate transactions, IT contracts and land conservation projects.”


What made you want to pursue this career?

“It is intellectually challenging work and rewarding when transactions are successfully concluded to everyone’s benefit.”


What advice do you have for Rotaractors who are interested in pursuing this profession?

“Decide how important financial rewards vs. lifestyle and public benefits are to you – if financial rewards are a greater consideration, aim for a career in private practice with a large law firm – if they are less important, or you want a better work-life balance, look at government or nonprofit practices, although it is also helpful to work in private practice for a while if you eventually want to go into government or nonprofit practice.  Go to the best law school you can.”


If applicable, what advice do you have for Rotaractors who are thinking of switching industries and/or careers?

“I switched my type of practice three times, so you can make that happen.”