Libby Tyler

Urban Planning and Community Development | [email protected] | Linkedin

What are your service passions and how has Rotary helped you achieve your service goals?

“I am interested in Community Development and working with youth in the community.   Rotary has given me opportunities to work on a variety of community programs, such as MLK Day celebrations, Read Across America, international projects, and supporting homeless shelters.”

What current service projects are you involved in?

“Supportive Housing Committee at Berkeley Rotary.”

What made you decide to become a Rotarian?

“A connection with civic leaders where I used to live in Illinois.

Any funny or interesting Rotary stories to share?

“When I was President of my club, I was able to attend the International Conference in Sydney Australia.  That was the first time I saw Rotarians covered with pins from all over the world. It was impressive!”

Describe your professional background.

Urban Planning and Community Development.”

What made you want to pursue this career?

“I wanted to figure out what made cities tick and to make them better!”

What advice do you have for Rotaractors who are interested in pursuing this profession?

“Just get into it!  There is so much you can do with planning!”

If applicable, what advice do you have for Rotaractors who are thinking of switching industries and/or careers?

“No matter what you wind up doing, these experiences will be valuable.”

What advice do you have for Rotaractors who may experience burnout in the future?

“Take a trip – any distance and any length of time.  It won’t take long for you to remember what an amazing place this world is!”