Tanin Barzanian

Redwood City, CA | Sophomore | Bioengineering

Why did you join Cal Rotaract?

I was initially invited to join Rotaract by Yash, the IC chair and I found out that the people here are extremely nice and I want the chance to volunteer and meet more people!

What is your favorite memory of Cal Rotaract?

I think the best was my first day joining when there was the Egg Drop Competition and after that, I went out with my family, the Freds, and I found out that they are very cool and I felt very included. Also, doing the Five Creeks, I got to interact with a lot of members and had the chance to help out!

How has Rotaract impacted your time at Cal?

I think the people made me feel so happy at Cal. I love volunteering in high school but I don’t have that much opportunities to do so at college, so Rotaract is giving me this opportunity to explore the community more!

What is a childhood habit or preference that you’ll never outgrow?

My need to organize everything by having lists and decorating my room since I was a kid. Sometimes I spend more time organizing than doing work!

What is the most ordinary-seeming thing that you find fascinating?

I guess cats! I go crazy for them and I think they should rule the world! I think people underestimate them 🙁

What is one thing you’re good at that people don’t expect?

I think leading because I may seem quiet, but when I need to stand up in a leadership role, I can be loud when I want to be. I can be very organized as well.